Tuesday, May 31, 2011

davis farm

Last Thursday we went to Davis Farm. I love this farm. Even though it is pricier then the other farms around it is worth it. 
Now for an overload of pictures

 face painting station
 I think he thought the flowers were real. He wouldn't leave me alone.
 She grabbed for his head at one point. 
 Look, my bump is getting bigger!
 Having a meeting.
 Oh yea, Dave was there too.
 He wanted to put him in my bag and take him home.
Right at the end of the day and that guy stole her cup right after this picture. She was sad and told him that it is not nice to take things out of someones hands.

There is also a water park there but didn't open till June. We already promised to take her back when it opens. Expect more animal picture!


  1. The very first photo of the little one and the kitten made me coo a little. I love Davis Farm, though I have only been there for the cornfield maze. If they let adults in the petting zoo I am totally going!

  2. It costs about $15 I think to get in and you can go in most of the fences to pet, brush and feed the animals. We kept looking around wondering if it would be weird if we came back with out Dorie haha.

  3. id love to go someday! lets go when the waterpark opens

  4. Farms are so fun, they have such cute animals

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