Monday, May 16, 2011

french toast and bowling

I have been so awful at updating lately! Thanks to everyone sticking with me. I barely opened my computer yesterday and just now opened it for the first time today. I'm lazy but there is a reason that I will go into soon.
Oh and made oatmeal cinnamon raisin french toast!
This weekend we actually went out and did things! We started spring cleaning Saturday morning and then went to the store to buy some shelves and things. While we were out Lynn and Garvey asked us what we were up to and since we were almost done shopping we met up with them for bowling and dinner.
We even finished all of our laundry this weekend and donated a bunch of clothes. I've said it before but I hope one of these times I can make it to a swap!
cardigan-fred perry tshirt-SFU skirt-H&M leggings/shoes-target

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  1. your outfit was so cute on saturday and im sure that french toast was awesome, id like to try it sometime.