Sunday, June 5, 2011

sunny sunday

We went for a walk this morning for some soymilk to make pancakes and get coffee/tea from the cafe downstairs. It is so beautiful out and made us a  little sad that we might be moving. We found an awesome place I really want but not really in the location we were looking for. I guess if we don't get it I will be happy to look at more places in our area.
Oops! When I took these I didn't realized how wrinkly this dress is! I think I was just happy it still fits for now. This morning I added more clothes into the pile of things that don't fit.
 half of these pictures are like this. I have a hard time standing still sometimes
 dress-Fred Perry shoes-Target


  1. I know the feeling of loving a neighborhood, but having to move. I love love love my current neighborhood - but will be moving at the end of the summer to a rent control apartment. It's a good move financially , but I'll miss our little cafes, movie theaters, restaurants, and friendly neighbors.

  2. Exactly!! but hopefully if we move we can find new little places to go!

  3. I hear you - I love my neighborhood and I am really involved with the community there. But it is SO expensive, I just don't know how we could ever afford to buy there. I don't know how anyone except freakishly rich people afford to buy there! One of the problems with MA, I guess. Good luck in your hunt - and the dress is cute :)

  4. Moving to Salem from Somerville it was so much cheaper but compared to other states it's still so much!! It's insane