Sunday, July 17, 2011

a new conception

Friday we went for an elective ultrasound. I found the place after hearing people talk about 3D/4D ultrasounds and gender determination. Everyone I saw talking about it was mostly from the south or midwest and said how it is only $25. When I found places around Boston nothing was under $100. I didn't want to spend that much so wrote it off. Well with my mom here and wanting her to be able to go to an ultrasound I asked Dave what he thought about it. He said it is a once in a lifetime thing to get 3D/4D images of our baby and it would be great to confirm she is a girl, since we didn't get to see any proof last time.
The place I decided to go to is in Hanover MA called a new conception. As soon as I called I was so excited to go. They were so friendly and helpful just from the first phone call. On Friday we ran some errands then headed to Hanover, which coming from north of the city really wasn't a bad trip. We got there and met Kim and her daughter. They were both so sweet and Kim took us back to the room after I filled out some paperwork. My mom had a coffee and Dave had a water so they asked if they should leave them in the waiting room. Kim said there are no rules in my room come on back. The room is huge and set up so nice with a huge couch and bed. There are also huge screens on every wall so no one will miss a thing. She said groups have brought up to 10 people with them before.
When we started of course the baby was being stubborn like we have heard at every ultrasound so far. She was hiding her face in my placenta. So Kim decided to work on trying to check the gender. Oh and guess what?? Baby kept her legs crossed and was trying not to show anything off...such a lady. Kim had so much patience and had me turn and wiggle to get the baby to move over a little so we could see her. Finally she moved her legs and Kim got a perfect shot to show we do have a baby girl! (I won't post that pic on here)
The session on the package says 10-15 min. Since little miss stubborn was hiding Kim worked with us for at least 30 min trying to get a clear shot of her face. When she had turned around she was playing with the umbilical cord and holding it across her face. We did finally get some cute good pictures.
After the appointment when we got to the front, she showed us a little box and pushed the button. It was the babies heartbeat she had recorded! You could choose a teddy bear from the wall and have the box put in for a little extra.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
We have already said we want to go back when I'm a little further along so we can see more of the baby. For already going once we get a discount next time! You can tell Kim really loves what she does and is so helpful and friendly. She made all of us feel so comfortable there.

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  1. AHHHHHHH YAY! i dont have to return the stuff ive been buying haha