Thursday, July 28, 2011

sound and fury

Going to the fest this year I knew it would be a little harder than the past years we have gone. I got super motion sick everytime we got on the plane (we had a layover each flight). Also midday everyday I was getting tired/antsy/hungry. Besides that I did pretty well. When I started feeling like that though Dave would get someone to watch the table and we went on trips to different vegan restaurants in the area, which was fun and yummy! (check out Guru Pizza, vegan cupcakes at Crushcakes and Natural Cafe too!)
We got in to LA Thursday night and went to veggie grill. Dave wanted to try to make it to the outlets in Oxnard before they closed so we got a ton of food and ate on the way. I wish I took pictures of the food because it was so so amazing. Going there is always my favorite part of that trip. We got sweetheart fries, a santa fe crispy chickin', grillin' chickin' and buffalo wings! I wish we got another order of buffalo wings. They were so insanely good. We did make it to the outlets in time for Dave to run in, then headed to the hotel.

The next morning we went to the venue to set up our table before they opened doors. 
We always get a table off to the side where you can see one of the stages. It's nice because half the time you can sit and still see what's going on but of course a bunch of bands I did want to see were on the other stage. 
Doors finally open and Jon with a balloon for some reason.
Sunday morning we found out about a restaurant called Adama. They had one of the best vegan breakfasts I've ever had.  We did our favorite thing at new places and split meals. 
 pumpkin pecan pancakes!
 protein scramble
Then back at the show being full


  1. What hotel was thattt? looks comfy. -dre

  2. baby boobs to the extreme ;)
    im glad you got to have all your veggie food

  3. I kept asking Shane if he saw you. I'm so bummed I didn't go. Shane had such a great time. That food looks delicious!

  4. @dre we stayed at a holiday inn in Goleta. It was like 2 exits away and no kids from the fest were there...It was awesome

    @caitlin I looked for him but I didn't see him. I watched his band though. I wasn't sure which one he was.

  5. Looks like a fun trip! I am glad you were able to manage it well - you look gorgeous - pregnancy agrees with you. Even when it doesn't agree with your tummy on long flights :(

  6. @kristen that is so sweet! Thank you!

  7. Rad! He was guitarist. I think he was wearing a white shirt. Theres some pics of his band around the net. I should post some.