Saturday, August 27, 2011

baby shower

We took some pictures at the baby shower but as soon as everyone got there we forgot about the camera. So many people came that I hadn't seen in years. It made me a little sad that I don't get to hangout with them anymore.
 me coming downstairs, jelly beans and chocolate baby molds, punch, pretty flowers
 3 of my nieces and my dad, me and matilda, my parents and matilda
 starting to put out the food, my mom and Sharon setting up, vegan cake! and other treats, Helen and Quinn counting silly bands
 puppy being bored, me and Ash, opening gifts with my mom to be tiara on 
My mom wanted a picture of her 6.5 grandkids (I didn't get it at first ha), me, my mom and the Tyras (they are like our cousins. I love them!)

It was so much fun. My mom and Sharon went out of their way to fix recipes and make almost everything vegan. I ate so much all day! My mom even found a lady in Cincinnati that makes vegan cakes. Check out Sweet Peace! It was delicious! 
I'm so happy and thankful for everyone coming, bringing presents and spending their day with us. We brought home an insane amount of baby filled our trunk and backseat! I really didn't think many people were even coming and didn't expect to be bringing that much back with us. Thank you thank you thank you everyone! I can't wait to get her room completely finished to share...and for her to be here and put her in all these cute clothes!

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