Wednesday, August 24, 2011

jungle jim's

The first day we were in Cincinnati I had ran out of vitamins so we had to run to babies r us. Since we were out that way Dave really wanted to go to Jungle Jim's. It is a huge grocery store with anything you could possibly want. Dave saw it once on tv and then on tour they were looking for a starbucks and the gps brought them there. He didn't get to look around when he was on tour so he has been wanting to go every since.
 walking into the store
 entrance to the bathrooms (they were actually nice inside not porta potties)
 so many different sections for anything you could ever think of, Dave's fav aisle was the hot sauces. We stood there FOREVER. He finally picked one with a big warning label on it 
and a root beer keg for the baby shower!

I wish we had one near us. The natural food section was awesome and I saw so many things I would've got if we were around longer than 2 days. Everything seemed cheaper than when we go to whole foods at home too. We picked up some chocolate, sheese, and a couple of other things. I really wish I could find sheese somewhere near us. It is so yummy with crackers!

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  1. Thanks Caitlin! We appreciate the nice words and awesome pictures.
    I was born in Springfield Mass. It was nice to see you stopped in from Boston. :)

    I hope you guys have a chance to visit after we open our second location next year.

    Thanks Again!
    Have Fun!

    Phill Adams
    Director of Development
    Jungle Jim's International Market, Inc.