Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a birthday at the friendly toast

Last week we went to the friendly toast for Lynn's birthday. I used to love this place but then kept having bad experiences and we stopped going. The night we went was better and the food was super good.
BUT If you are trying to eat in a rush DO NOT go there thinking it will be quick. I'm the type of person that is ready to order as soon as I sit down and pay as soon as I finish eating. Of course the other night it was nice to just hangout and talk since I haven't seen these friends in awhile. Oh and to look around at all the crazy stuff on the walls..


  1. :D im going to have to steal this picture so i can actually update about the past week! haha

  2. Happy b-day to Lynn! Seems like a fun time out on the town :)

  3. I love the Friendly Toast. But you are right - you can't be in a hurry to go there, which is OK with me :)