Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sunday we went to Jake and Janelle's wedding in Provincetown. I haven't been to a wedding in so long. I normally hate going to them but I was excited about this one. I knew it would be beautiful and perfect with good friends. I have so many pictures we took but I haven't begun to go through them yet.
Matt Miller was the photographer and set up a smilebooth. Today this little video is running around on facebook. You can tell how much fun the wedding was by watching. (Also if you go to Matt's site he posted a sneak peek pic of them that is beautiful!)
Here are a couple of the pictures we were in


  1. THat's so fun! I've seen a few weddings that have this feature lately. Very cute idea.
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  2. SO CUTE! I went to a wedding where they had a photo booth - it was THE activity of the wedding. Who wants to dance when you can photo booth? Who wants to eat cake when you can photobooth? And the couple liked it b/c they got a ton of great photos of their guests.

  3. you guys look so great! im glad you had a fun time at the wedding