Friday, September 9, 2011

I like food

 They FINALLY opened a jamba juice near us!!! We meant to go on the day it opened but got busy. I hope it stays there so everyone go to jamba juice in the northshore mall!!
 We made another pizza because I am forever craving a pizza and it is always delicious! 
 I found this recipe for eggless deviled egg tofu salad. I really really loved deviled eggs so I started searching for black salt or kala namak. I thought whole foods would have it (maybe they do but not ours) but I ended up having to go to the Indian market to pick it up. Just a little taste of black salt and it is exactly eggs. I suggest you try finding some next time you make tofu scramble of any sort!
I love the recipes Jen always shares. I showed Dave this recipe for guacamole bruschetta and he went out and bought a couple of avocados right away. It was so simple to throw together and would be a perfect appetizer though we ate it for dinner...and for a side the next night.