Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lovely Legacy Earrings

 dress-old navy shoes-uo earrings-C/O MODCLOTH
How pretty are these earrings?? When I got them a couple of weeks ago courtesy of Modcloth, I was so excited to wear something pretty since I've been feeling down about clothes lately. I wish I had a purple ribbon to wear with the black dress to match them but I think the tan still goes together nicely. Once my hair gets a little longer it will look so pretty to wear my hair back with them. I don't wear earrings often and they were a lot bigger than I expected but I think they would have looked a little silly if they were any smaller. Now I just need to find a pretty necklace to match them!


  1. The earrings are beautiful. Are they heavy on your ears? Sometimes heavy earrings are hard to wear all day long

  2. Since I don't wear earrings often they were a little heavy when I first put them on but by the time I left the house I had forgot about them