Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what to wear

I tried my hardest this weekend to find an old dress that still fit. After trying on five I found one! The others wouldn't zip, is now a shirt on me or just wouldn't fit over my chest. I have two of this dress so yay two more things I can wear.
 dress-fred perry shoes-crocs (my feet are swollen and crocs are comfy! don't hate)
outside our new place

Did I mention I hate maternity clothes shopping? I hate shopping anyway but this is even worse. I did find some cute clothes on sale on ASOS. I just don't know what size to order though? Has anyone ordered any maternity clothes through there before?? 
Hopefully I will get to H&M soon and find some decent maternity jeans or leggings. They seem to always be the best bet. The stuff at target lately is so ugly and at the maternity stores in the mall it is so expensive. I walk pass forever21 and frown. I'm sure I could find something in there that would fit but it probably wouldn't fit my growing belly after long. Why is it so hard to dress the same as I was and on the same budget?? Everyone coming out with maternity clothes needs to have an affordable line!


  1. Ug i refused to wear maternity clothes. Forever 21 does have a maternity line but it may just be online. I had really good luck with h&m regular stuff and just size way up. Also American apparel was good and I lived in those leggings. It's so hard with a growing belly but I'm sure you will find some cute stuff. Your blog is very cute!

  2. I get so discouraged as soon as I walk into a store but you're right I should just try out some regular clothes just a little bigger...and thanks!

  3. at the burlington mall the forever 21 had a maternity section! i thought of you and rubbed the belly of the mannequin.

  4. oh really?? I will have to make a trip there

  5. Ah, the often heard "there are no cute maternity clothes" problem. Someone really needs to fix this. Hello designers? Can we get on that, please?