Friday, October 7, 2011

I like food

 Dinner at Veggie Galaxy. greek salad, glazed seitan loaf, banana split, boston cream pie (not pictured pb and chocolate frappe that our friend got but we tried and it was amazing! I will be getting a frappe next time) 
 vegan lasagna. We used to make it a lot last year but forgot about it. It is super easy to make. 
 peanut butter cookie dough balls. These are THE BEST vegan cookies I've ever made. Sadly these guys are already gone and I already want more. Maybe this weekend... 
 Last night we made pizza again! This time with smart deli pepperoni and onions

I have so many tabs open right now with things I want to make. I need to start printing these recipes out and adding them into my folder. I'm always afraid when I go back to a saved one that it will be gone. 

This Wednesday was my dads birthday. Even though I already told him I still want to tell him on here..
Happy Birthday and I hope you had a great relaxing birthday week! Love you.
Look how chunky I was!

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