Monday, November 14, 2011

2 weeks

We had out last ultrasound today. We kept joking saying they would ask us to come back one more time before Dec 7th. But she is growing and moving great so they don't have to see us again! They said she is 6.5lbs and has a little bit of hair. No pictures though because her little face was facing my spine. We did get to see her take practice breaths and her rolls on her little chubby back. As the dr was walking out she said you should be meeting your little sweet pea in 2 weeks. Whaaaat?? 2 weeks!
Maybe I will be getting a baby for my birthday?!
yogi tea every morning
Before our appointment we went to bagel world. I got an everything with hummus. Soooo good!
Since I didn't have work today I went with Dave to run some errands. We ended up in New Hampshire and Maine. It was such a pretty drive and I even got to take a couple little naps. 

We passed a pumpkin field still full of poor little pumpkins no one wanted and then went to cafe indigo, which I will write about on Friday!
Dave even finally put on his new windshield wipers. Just in time for a little rain.


  1. i can't wait to see this precious little baby girl! EEEEEK!

  2. The moment you go to the hospital I'm shooting up to the north shore! I'm so antsy waiting for her and I can't wait to see her!

  3. I know I can not wait!
    Lynn I will let you know right away!

  4. how exciting!! My grandmas were born on Dec 6 and 7th. I back both those days. the 7th is pearl harbor day!!

  5. That's so funny! So many birthdays at the end of nov/beginning of dec.

  6. Exciting times! Don't get hung up on a date though. That little girl will get arrive on her own timetable, I'm sure.

    As for Cafe Indigo, awesome cake ... so-so meals. At least, last time I was there. What'd you think?

  7. I told Dave I think she will still end up being late. I don't want to get my hopes up then have to have weeks more!

    Cafe Indigo had a gobbler sandwich as a special. Turkey, cranberry and stuffing! It was super good.