Friday, November 11, 2011

I like food

I was thinking about starting to make some of these stews and casseroles to freeze for when baby comes but all of them are so easy to make I don't think I will need to. Most of them I've been printing out and adding to my cookbook binder so Dave will be able to find them when he is in charge of the cooking again. My mom is also coming to visit and said she has been looking up recipes she can make for us! We are so lucky!

 These are some of the best vegan cookies I've made. I saw a link from another blog but I forget where! They have the same consistency as real cookies. I get so frustrated with vegan cookies not actually cooking and getting crispy and still chewy. I didn't have any molasses so I used maple syrup instead.  
 Dave's tofu scramble and hashbrowns
 Pinto bean and sweet potato stew recipe from peas and thank you
I usually make banana pancakes from a cookbook I have but we didn't have any bananas. I found a really easy one (of course) on peas and thank you

Besides it being 11-11-11 it is also and more importantly Veteran's Day. Remember and give thanks to all who have served and who are currently serving!


  1. The stew looks great! I would snack on so many of those cookies too! When is your mom coming?

  2. I will make you some cookies! My mom will be here after thanksgiving for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the baby comes while she is here!

  3. that tofu scramble and hashbrowns look delicious!! well, everything does, but that kind of made my mouth water!

  4. oh his tofu scramble is always so good! This time he put tons of veggies in it and it was amazing