Monday, December 5, 2011

last week (very picture heavy)

Still trying to waste time before tonight. Here is a photo heavy post of last week
-picking my mom up from the airport-decorating the house for her 60th birthday!-vegan soy free blueberry birthday muffins
-our town had a little tree lighting outside of our house
 -new glasses from costalcontacts and sad faces because the induction was moved back a day-cow patties cloth diapers we got on a black friday sale-Dave's star wars advent calendar my mom bought him
 -Dave making me cookies because I mentioned I needed some-tofu press he bought me for my bday-tofu scramble he made me for breakfast-did I mention he is the best?
 -tree shopping with my mom!
 -Dave takes tree shopping very seriously
 -me and my mom-me and Dave
 -Dave picked the perfect tree, then we decorated it-star wars/indiana jones xmas-our front door

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