Sunday, December 4, 2011

no baby yet

I was supposed to be induced tonight starting at 6pm but they rescheduled it for Monday night. Hopefully they don't have to bump me back again because I don't think this baby is going to come on her own. I was really hoping she would because I didn't want to have to take any drugs but I'm also not going to tell the DR no. She obviously knows better than me. We had a talk with her a couple of weeks ago (I can't remember if I wrote about it on here of not) about our birth plan. We told her the only thing I want is natural with no drugs but even that I'm willing to change. I know you can't completely plan for births and things can change very quickly. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. We are laid back anyway so whatever the DR thinks is best we will go with. Everyday I'm just so much more uncomfortable and more anxious to meet this little one. I asked Dave's mom to send us baby pictures of him so I could put our baby pictures together and try to decide what I think she will look like.

fresh baby Caitlin and baby David

we were both around 5 months in these

I was the chubbiest baby! Dave weighed more than me at birth but I quickly caught up and then passed him. 

I'm sure we will be updating on twitter and instagram while we are at the hospital!