Monday, January 9, 2012

first road trip

This weekend last minute we decided to take a trip to Philly to see Dave's family. Turns out Elinor is a great traveler! She did great on the way there only screaming and wouldn't take her bottle once so we pulled into a hotel parking lot so I could feed her and change her diaper. We let her hang out for awhile before putting her back in her seat and heading back out.

I was nervous she would be a wreck that night at Dave's Mom's house since she slept so much but she was good and slept her normal amount.
Saturday night though was a different story. She did not want to sleep. Finally around 2am she stopped her fussing and passed out. Thankfully we recently found out about Dr. Karp and the 5 s's and that helped a lot. We need to buy his book!
Sunday we did a lot of visiting we family. She was so grumpy that afternoon but after a long nap she was ready to meet all of her uncles aunts and cousins.
We were heading back home Sunday night but we stopped by a show before. We had her little headphones and the ergo which worked perfect. There was only one point when she decided she was starving so we went to a back room to feed her. I put her back on and we stood on the side of the stage. She passed out again right away.
 We were trying the headphones on and as soon as we did she went limp and fell asleep.
At the show and she even got a onesie

The way home was great. She slept almost the whole time. I had to take her out and wake her up to eat and change her diaper half way. We got home around 4am. She was up for 2 hr and the fell back to sleep till 10! Since I slept in the car too, I think it was the most sleep I've got!

Now I know she should do decent on our next trip there and our trip to Florida next month!


  1. The headphones photo is the cutest! When she gets a little bigger you may be able to feed her in the ergo without anyone knowing! Haha. It's actually kinda fun!! Oh the 5s were our best friend. If you can read the book and watch the DVD. It's cool to actually see him perform. Reminds me I need to order my happiest toddler on the block! She is a cutie and it seems like being a mom is totally your thing!

  2. Thank you jennifer!
    I read you can feed them in the ergo but I couldn't figure out how to do it! I guess when she has more neck control and aware of things it would be easier. I watched some youtube clips of Dr Karp doing the 5 s's and it's insane how quick the babies stop and fall asleep.

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