Tuesday, January 3, 2012

on the day she was born

December 8th
 sitting on a yoga ball, trying to deal with contractions,
she's here!, wrinkly feet from being overcooked, mama and baby,
swaddled and sleeping, first bath, Ellie and the puppy papa bought her
December 8th-9th
proud papa, mama and baby, my mom and Ellie,
we couldn't stop looking at her, balloons and flowers, mama and papa,
baby cuddles, going home outfit, on the ride home

It's insane how many pictures we have since December 8th. I need to go through and get rid of multiple of the same ones and take the ones off our phones. I don't want to delete or lose any of them! 

OK she is starting to wake up and needs to eat! Have a great week!

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