Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 months

Today Elinor is 3 months! We don't go back for a checkup until after she's 4 months so I will have to wait till then to update her stats. 

She is now purposely grabbing her toys holding onto them for a bit or trying to pull them into her mouth. She also tries to shove her fist into her mouth. The way she does it seems like teeth are coming soon but I feel like it is way too early.

Her babbling has slowed down a little ever since she started grabbing at toys. I feel like she is trying to think more about what she is doing then just yelling. When she gets excited though the crazy noises she makes are amazing! I love her voice.  She still loves books. I can read to her for a hour and she will sit still looking at everything and smiling. No rolling over yet except once from belly to back but that wasn't on purpose and she was on a slant. She has been pushing her feet down and lifting her bum up in the air. I think as soon as she does a little twist with that move she will flip right over.

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