Thursday, February 9, 2012

two months

Right now I have this little baby on my chest completely passed out. She woke up this morning in the best mood. She was smiling at everything. Even at the doctors we took her out of her carseat and she smiled at the pictures on the walls, the nurse as she was being weighed and while we read books waiting for the doctor. It was all perfect until that nurse stuck her with 2 shots! She held her breath with her face squished up until she turned the brightest red I've ever seen and then let out a scream. I tried feeding her right after but it took a little bit for her to calm down and realize what I was doing.

 Elinor is now 11.6lbs and 22in. We weighed her on the scale and Dave's work so I already knew she was around 11lbs. She already is feeling feverish and extra sleepy and snuggly from the shots. I'm planning on snuggling her all night and tomorrow. Hopefully Saturday she is ready for her first flight!

You can check out her one month stats HERE! She looks so different already in a month!

this is on the way home after her appt. She was so mad at me :(


  1. hahah SHe is the same size as Peanut and Peanut is almost 4 months. :)

    1. whoa are you serious?! you do have a little peanut :)