Friday, March 30, 2012

I like food

The best sandwich from clear conscience cafe (everything bagel/tofutti cream cheese/cucumber/sprouts)
 I tried to recreate it but it wasn't as good. I don't think I put enough cream cheese on
 kale and beef from grasshopper
sweet and sour chicken fingers from grasshopper
 lettuce wraps recipe from peas and thank you book
pasta and veggies

Also (since I talk about it nonstop!) there is now a peas and thank you app! I downloaded but haven't had time to really play around with it. There are recipes, shopping lists and definitions of a lot of ingredients she uses. I did glance through the recipes and I was surprised at how many are up. It will be easy to find a recipe at really fast on the way home to try out.

We are off to Richmond VA today for United Blood fest. It's weird that this time last year at the fest I was pregnant and didn't know it yet. Hmm that's why I was feeling so sick!

Happy Friday!

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