Wednesday, March 14, 2012

second hand

One of things we didn't get much of was baby books. This baby loves to look and listen to books too. I bought a couple on amazon and then realized how cheap books are at thrift stores. Why didn't I think of that before?! Since then Elinor has a nice collection of books.
one of the books I bought just because of this. 

I also recently found out about an awesome second hand store near by. We went in once to two little monkeys to look around but didn't get anything. I liked them on their facebook page and then forgot about them. A couple of days ago in my feed a super cute snail rocking toy came up for sale from there. I realized when they get bigger or highly wanted items they post it on their facebook. It was posted that morning, we were there by that afternoon and had it in Ellie's room that night!


  1. Do you have a library card?? We've been getting books from there and they often have story times or music times for kids/babies

    1. Yes! We go about everyday to the one by my work. They seem to have got a bunch of new board books recently. It great

  2. OHMYGOD!!!! I love the little rocker, I can't wait to see her again.

  3. I LOVE getting the kids new books. . . mostly because it is the only break I get from whatever the current story obsession is! I get all of mine at Once Upon a Child- board books run around $2.50 and paperbacks for $1!!!! BTW- your baby is adorable!