Thursday, March 1, 2012

we won!

I always enter giveaways on blogs and I finally won one! I really wanted this book and almost bought it for Elinor a couple of weeks ago. Veggie Kids had a giveaway for That's why we don't eat animals. It is a children's book by Ruby Roth for vegans and vegetarians. She explains the difference of free animals and animals raised on factory farms. Also the effects eating animals has on the planet.

As soon as I got the package I opened it and read it to Elinor. She sat quietly for the whole story and looked around at every page. The pictures are so pretty but also sad on the factory farm pages. Nothing graphic, just darker and animals cramped in cages.

I'm glad there are books like this so I can explain to Elinor at an early age why we eat the way we do. Ruby Roth has a new book coming out April 24th called Vegan is love. I will have to get that one too!

Also check out Veggie Kids. Sarah wrote a book called The boy who loved broccoli that I also need to order for the little one. She posts about vegan products and also cooks with her 3 little adorable guys. She just posted about a protein packed pasta recipe that I might make tonight! 


  1. So glad you (and cutie pie Elinor) liked the book! Aren't the pictures great? Thanks for posting this!! I love how you propped Elinor up with the book-adorbale!

  2. I love the pictures! Dave even commented on them when he was reading it last night.

  3. Those piggies look so sad! :(
    I love how your blog looks now

    1. Thanks Lynn :) I thought of you (of course) when I saw that pic