Friday, March 2, 2012

I like food

 maple donuts with bacos
 tempeh bacon, sprouts, avocado, buffalo wing hummus
 nutella wrapped in croissants
 noodle salad with peanut mmmm sauce (I could drink the mmmm sauce!)
 dinner at dave's dads house
 pizza with daiya cheese, sundried tomatoes and onions from a little place by dave's moms house
"cheesy" kale chips before the oven ( I want to make the "cheese" and put it on crackers. it was super good)

I finally am ordering the peas and thank you book. I make so many of the recipes from her site and love them. Last night we didn't have much in the house but since her recipes use a lot of the same ingredients I was able to throw together the thai fried quinoa. I had leftover coconut milk from making the mmm sauce so searched that on her reci"peas" pages and found a couple of things to choose from. One including a PB cup shake!! Wish I could've had that for dinner.

Happy Friday!