Friday, May 4, 2012


My sister has been pretty good at coming once a month to visit. Last weekend was her trip for April! 
we went to rockport on Saturday to walk around and eat at Top Dog
Ellie liked watching seagulls out the window
Really that's me. I even doubted it at first
 Really that's Courtney. I always wore contacts and had darker hair, she always had blonde hair and mostly wore glasses. Now we are twins. 
 Dave, Courtney and the sun
 Daddy and baby
 For my night off, Courtney and I went out to eat and then saw Archers Of Loaf. Last time we saw them together it was 1998! We have been listening to them since I was 13 so we both immediately had flash backs of sitting in my moms basement rocking out. 
 Elinor and Daddy had fun but right when we got home she had woke up ready to eat and then snuggle back to sleep.
 Sunday Dave went to practice so it was just the girls. We ran some errands and I forgot my wallet (oops! thanks for lending me money Courtney!)
 new sunglasses
 Had a coffee date but Ellie thought she really needed some too. She is obsessed with that green straw!
We came home took naps and then watched Being Elmo. Courtney and I cried and Elinor laughed. We haven't watched any kids shows around her but anytime a muppet came on she started smiling and got so excited. 
Getting some Auntie snuggles in her new blanket that Courtney made! 
and then we made pizza....and donuts(not pictured)

This weekend we are headed to Philly again so more family time! I know I've said it before but I'm so glad Elinor is getting in all of these visits with relatives. Hopefully Courtney will be back next month!

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  1. We have to get together next weekend or something!