Tuesday, May 8, 2012

elimination communication

I had talked about Elinor going on the potty before but since then she goes every morning! Almost always poops and sometimes at night she will pee. Dorie still has her little potty out so I tried at work the other day while it wasn't hectic and it seemed like she had to go but she didn't.
I have a friend that has a baby 5 weeks older than Ellie and is pretty much completely out of diapers! You can read about her little guy HERE. I had heard about Elimination Communication but didn't think it would work for us. After talking to Brooke I decided to try it. I'm glad we did because if anything Elinor won't freak out when she's older and try to put her on the potty. I've worked with so many kids that were terrified of it.
While Courtney was in town, I got a video of her going. You can't see anything (not even the potty, her dress is covering it) but you can hear her go. You can also hear Dave saying "psssss" which is a cue to let her know it's ok to go and you can hear Courtney in the background confused why Dave is saying "psss".

Elinor on the potty (4 months) from caitlin mccormick on Vimeo.

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