Wednesday, June 27, 2012

barn babies

Cambridge libraries are doing special event throughout the summer. One I knew we HAD to go to was to see the barn babies. They brought in different animals to learn about/play with. Dorie of course loved but so did Elinor and Henri. Dave came with us that day and was a huge help bringing the babies into each gated area to see the animals.
It was so hard to get pictures because of squirmy animals and babies. I did get a couple blurry ones on my phone though
 Dorie getting puppy kisses and Henri trying to break in (he did get a turn in there but got a little too excited when he was up close with the puppy)
 this little pig was wild! He was so happy to have friends visiting
 babies and puppies!
I missed what happened right before this but Dave said she giggling and softly touching the chicken