Saturday, June 9, 2012

Half Birthday Party

We were very excited for Elinor's half birthday. My sister came in town for it. Really she comes once a month and decided to come with gifts. Ellie got 2 new awesome books and teddy ruxpin dvd! Thanks Auntie Courtney!
reading pride & prejudice with Auntie at the library

Even though she had got shots the day before she was in a pretty good mood. Just a couple of meltdowns when she just needed to eat and snuggle up with me then she would be back to normal. 
big 6 month old
After work Dave picked us up and we went to Veggie Galaxy for a birthday dinner. She was so happy looking around at everyone. She always thinks everyone is there to see her wherever we go. When we sat down though she got a little fussy so I fed her. I ordered tofu eggs and bananas for her. She ended up falling asleep after eating. She didn't wake up until we got home.
We had brought her leftovers home so when she woke up we lit a candle and sang happy half birthday to her before dinner. She thought it was hilarious. 

I have to wash her diaper we use to take her monthly picture so I hope we can get those done soon!

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