Tuesday, June 5, 2012

girls weekend

Dave was in Texas for the weekend playing a show. It was super rainy and gross out Saturday and then Sunday we were being lazy so we ended up never leaving the house. I finally got a ton of laundry and cleaning done though! We also ate a lot.
 she stole my banana
 nectarines and puffs
 I made a wrap with hummus. peppers and sprouts. She stole a pepper and some hummus. She liked the hummus. 
I gave her a slice of my veggie burger. She liked it but since it's so crumbly too much kept breaking off in her mouth but she worked it out!

At one point she kept looking at the door and looking behind me. I texted Dave to tell him I think she is looking for him. He sent a picture of himself so I could show her. She started smiling as soon as she saw him. I went out of the picture to tell him and she started screaming. She was so mad I took him away. He finally was around some wireless and facetimed us for a couple of minutes. Her face was so cute. She just lit up and smiled and giggled. Elinor loves her Daddy!

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  1. Ryan's gone a lot too and Avery def misses him. The first morning he's gone is always tough!! He just bought an iPad so I hope we can FaceTime. Let me know when it's just you girls again and we'll come up!!