Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventure Aquarium

This weekend we were in Philadelphia. We have been trying to make our weekend trips there fun for Elinor, even though she won't remember much. She loves being out and on the go. Friday we went to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ with Granmom. I haven't been to another aquarium besides the New England one in a long time. I really liked this one. They had music playing throughout and it was easy to get to each tank and see. I'm used to waiting for huge groups of people in the way the whole time. They even had a nursing room. Someone is super nosey and it is getting so hard to feed her in public now.
 She was napping when we got there. We had to wake her up to see everything. 


  1. LOVE the pic. of Elinor! Gorgeious pic of sea creatures too! Where is this aquarium and what type of camera are you using that there is no glare (s)? Take care and best to everyone from Uncle Vin and I.

    1. Thanks! We went to the aquarium in New Jersey. We have a canon rebel. We are just now learning how to use it!