Sunday, July 29, 2012


We are currently in Ohio visiting my parents, we have been here since Friday. My plan was to post these pictures as soon as we got here but without my computer and visiting I never had time! I just realized I could use Dave's computer to post this.

Last Wednesday we head to California. Elinor was such a great littler traveler, barely making a peep the whole flight. 
HR from Bad Brains was on our flight!
As soon as we got to LA we headed to Veggie Grill. 
Oh I wish we had one near us. Some of the best vegan food I have ever had. We have gone a couple of times with meat eaters that also love it. After stuffing ourselves we checked into the hotel in LA and went shopping. 
While shopping we met up with a friend. We told our friend we were wanting donuts not expecting to actually find some. There happened to be a Babycakes pretty close by. 

After getting some donuts and a cupcake we went to Native Foods for dinner. I was really excited about it but I ended up not liking it. Dave's food was ok and mine was ehh. 
this guy was playing outside of Native Foods. He was amazing!

We swung by another friends house just to pick up some posters Dave had printed for the fest. We ended up sitting outside talking for way longer than we thought. Elinor slept the whole time and missed out meeting some new friends. As soon as we got back to the hotel she woke up super wild and happy. 

The next morning after picking Uncle Shawn up from LAX and eating at Hugo's (such good breakfast!!) we started driving to Santa Barbara. We made a few stops at the Camarillo Outlets, guitar center and Ross. 
Instead of staying at a hotel, we found a vacation rental. It is amazing and cheaper than the hotels in the area! It was back from everything, so quiet and beautiful with multiple gardens and walking trails. They have never allowed children there but made an exception for us! She was really good the whole time there, I hope they thought so too. I would love to stay there again next year. 
in front of the lemon tree at the hermitage
inside the front gate
swinging on a bench in the backyard
Dave and Elinor looking at lizards in the cactus garden
walking on the trail next to the house
the trail lead to the natural history museums backyard
the museum had a butterfly garden
cuddles with Daddy
we kept hearing growling and then found it was coming from this guy
she just stared at him confused
walking back to the museum backyard
more of the backyard on another day (Also a dress I got from Ross)
some of the gardens at the Hermitage
I have a couple more pictures of Elinor at the beach and some fest ones that I will save for tomorrow.

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  1. You were so close to me!! Glad you enjoyed your visit!!!