Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sound & fury

Like I said before Elinor had so much fun at the fest. It was 3 days long and Dave's band headlined on Sunday. She had seen him play but in a small venue that was extremely hot and we were standing in the back. This time we were on stage right behind him. She kept peeking around his amp to watch him and then stare at uncle Shawn playing drums. She did great for about half the set but it was about 10pm and WAY past bedtime. She started to fuss a little. We went outside played with a puppy and finally she fell asleep in the ergo.
BBB new hats
watching Barney with Kitzel of Reaper Records. She loved hanging out with him!
friends from Japan
nap time
baby whisperer. We can't wait to meet this baby!
first barrette
watching bands on Daddy's shoulders
cuddling with Daniel
wearing his bands onesie
my favorite shirt Dave is selling
playing in a box of shirts
meeting Daddy's old friends
reading the BBB fact sheet
more friends!
working sound
and watching Daddy play!

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  1. OMG 9th picture.... her face is killing me