Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New tricks in California

We are now to the point where Elinor's baby tricks are coming fast. While we were in California she started finally crawling forward. There wasn't too much time while we were there that she had floor time but when she did she was working hard on trying to go forward. She learned how to wave with a frantic full arm movement up and down. When someone would walk by there would go her little arm flapping hello. We also have a boy crazy kisser. Elinor started leaning her head slowly in when Dave kisses her with her mouth wide open to kiss him back. Later that week she went on the kiss the singer of Dave's band and his guitar players son who is one. Finally she kissed me back but sticks mostly to kissing on the boys.

The worst of the firsts happened that week also. She got her first diaper rash. It was so bad! Since we were traveling we didn't bring cloth diapers. Elinor has worn disposables before when we went to Florida and we didn't have a problem. We also used Huggies or pampers. This time we used Target brand. I know families that use them and it is fine. My poor baby's bottom could not handle it. We are just now getting rid of it. Lesson learned, sorry Ellie! Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!


  1. Edie was very very allergic to the target brand. Seventh Generation and Huggies snug and fit were all she could use. Poor Ellie girl :(

    1. seventh generation..good to know! Next time I will try those out. No more being cheap!