Thursday, July 5, 2012

swimming and no fireworks

Yesterday we were going to go to the fireworks but with a storm coming in, we didn't want to get stuck in the city with Elinor and have to deal with all the traffic coming home. They ended up making everyone evacuate for a little bit and take shelter in a tunnel or at the mall. I'm really glad we decided not to go after that happened!

We did make it swimming. We recently joined the YMCA so Elinor can take swim lessons. We really don't have time to go that much so we keep telling each other anytime we have free time we have to go. Since the storm was coming in, it was a little chilly out. We stayed in the indoor pool. Ellie loved it. Her little legs just kick the entire time. After we showered and changed she passed out for 2 hours!


  1. We're joining the YMCA too & I absolutely LOVE your dress!

  2. I love you guys soooooo much!
    xoxo Courtney

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  4. I love the swim photos. She just gets cuter and cuter!