Monday, July 9, 2012

i like food

I haven't talked about food on here in awhile. Except that Elinor eats all the time. Really I haven't been cooking very much. After work, Dave cooks dinner while I play and get Elinor ready for bed or even sometimes I let her play with her toys while I take a shower. I sometimes need a little alone time after dealing with the commute to work, work and the commute home.
We eat fast because by the time dinner is ready it is bedtime for the little one. We are still trying to figure out the best nightly routine but it's hard with getting home so close to bedtime.
Sunday I really wanted to make something. My plan was strawberry biscuits but we were missing one ingredient so I flipped through cookbooks to find anything. Surprise, I found a soft pretzel recipe in peas and thank you. Favorite cookbook ever. Not one recipe has failed me.
I really didn't think they were going to come out good at all. Whenever I use active yeast I just know it is going to not work. They came out AMAZING though! I didn't have coarse salt but sea salt was just fine.
I have to work on my twisting skills!

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