Thursday, August 16, 2012


A couple of times over the weekend some friends asked us how different our lives are now with a baby. We both looked at each other and said it's not. We still go everywhere we would normally go and do everything we would normally do. Sometimes I worry about Elinor not having a set schedule.
She rarely gets fussy while we are out. She actually gets fussy when we stay home all day. This baby just likes to be on the go (unless that means being in the car). The more people around the better. I feel bad for her when we are on the train and she starts waving to people who ignore her. She stops waving and keeps her hand up in the air. Her smiles fades and she just stares at them. It is so sad! she just wants to make friends with everyone.
I was always such a believer in keeping children on schedules. From working at daycares and being a nanny I saw how good it was for kids. There were so many things I said I wouldn't do when I had babies but that went out the window. Even if you have worked/raised kids for 10 years, it is completely different when you have your own.
All I know is that Elinor is one of the happiest babies I have ever been around. She loves life. I hope the way we are raising her will make her easy going and well rounded.

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  1. I say if she's happy then she doesn't need a schedule yet! With twins it is insane if they're not on a schedule, but If we go out & they get off schedule....oh well! It's much more important to do what works for your family & to make sure everyone is having fun. It's obvious Elinor is loving her life. :)

  2. For the record, you guys do have a schedule. It's called all awesome all the time and it works very well for your family. Keep up the good work!