Wednesday, August 15, 2012

this is hardcore

We just got back from Philadelphia monday night. I brought my computer with intentions to blog while we were gone. We ended up being super busy plus the hotel we stayed in Friday and Saturday night didn't have free WIFI. What is up with fancy hotels making you pay so much for internet when it's free at all the cheaper ones?! 
We went to Philly for This Is Hardcore Fest. It is a 3 day music fest that we go every year (2010, 2011) and Dave and I actually met/I got his number 5 years ago. I brought our camera and it sat in the diaper bag the whole weekend. At least I took some on my phone plus I stole some of my friends pics to post. 
helping daddy put together records before we left
Dave's table was inside Friday 
Dan and Elinor
Elinor and Ryan
Elinor and her baby friend Gabe
There was a 3rd floor balcony that was found out about. It wasn't crowded so I was able to watch bands and feed Elinor. She then passed out for the night.
We brought the stroller this time.
Saturday the table was moved outside
Our friend Brooke made Elinor a super cool shirt with Daddy's band on it

Ryan and Jen trying out being parents at brunch
PA dutch fest happens every year at Reading Terminal Market. I didn't get pictures of the animals this time.
Hanging out with Gabe again
Then Travis came to play
Meg babysitting while I helped Dave

Family photo!
and then the rain came and ruined everything. Shirts and records soaked! We closed up the table and decided to start fresh on Sunday
She passed out really early missing Lifetime and Gorilla Biscuits
Again on the third floor balcony sleeping with Travis on the couch
Sunday the table moved again. This was the best spot. I wish we were there the whole weekend.
Brooke brought a gate so the babies got some floor play time
going wild. Elinor ate a snow cone after this. It was so hot so Dave got her one with just the ice. She ate the whole thing
backstage playing piano with George
if you look close you can see Elinor and I on the right watching Dave play

Besides Saturday and the terrible rain we had a lot of fun. Elinor loves shows. Whenever people would walk up to the table to buy something she would get so excited because obviously they were there to see her not to buy anything. She also started dancing to music at this fest. She is the best! 


  1. Oh my goodness...GABE!!! I love that chunky baby. Holy cow they would make a beautiful baby couple. hahahahh

  2. She's getting so big and animated. Love it!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Love that she has little friends at the show already.

    1. It is fun that so many of our friends had babies around the same time