Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Lauren!

After Linvilla, Dave went to practice and I went with his mom to his niece's 21st bday party. I didn't take many pictures. I had my hands free since everyone was playing with Elinor so I really didn't have an excuse. Dave got there super late but in time to see everyone. His younger brother's family is moving to Japan soon. It was nice to see everyone together since it probably won't happen again for awhile.
 Elinor and Uncle Joe eating their hands
 An Eleanor and Elinor. Ellie waiting for Michael to drop some of his sandwich 
 Lauren (the bday girl) and Aunt Jessica being naughty holding wine in front of Ellie
 us and Cindy
 the brothers
laying on grandpop 

We had so much. I love spending time with all of Dave's family but it always makes me miss mine! 

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  1. "Ellie waiting for Michael to drop some of his sandwich" a puppy