Friday, September 14, 2012

Natural toys

I really love all the natural toys you can find now. We do have a mix of plastic toys too but her favorite things to chew on seem to be wood and books. I just caught her chewing on a cardboard box.
While we were at SOWA the other day, we came to a booth of wooden natural teethers, race cars and matching games.
Seven Acre Toys is a family run local business making wooden toys. We bought the shooting star teether. The tail is crocheted cotton. He suggested to wet it and put the whole thing in the freezer. We haven't tried it yet but she loves chewing on the wood and biting and pulling on the tail. So far it is her go to toy.
You can order any of the toys on their site so check it out! I would love to get her the matching tattoos memory game.


  1. Many modern toys have a short life span. This can be because of their design and complexity, or because they are made of fragile materials. Natural toys are some of the most sturdy and robust available.

  2. This makes me laugh so much.

    In related news, please see the wooden rocking horse I ate as a child.

  3. "ummm, wooden"

    "Hold the phones...a boat could be wooden!"

  4. Thanks so much for this. Love to see our toys and teethers in use, your daughter is a real cutie!