Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caitlin's Little Helper

A guest post by Caitlin's sister.

I'm the jerk sister who moved away and never sees her family.  That is until Caitlin and Dave made Elinor.  Since that little one's birth last year, I visit almost every month.

Unfortunately my visits are always too quick.  I'm pretty sure it's no exaggeration to say my trips from start to finish are a total of 24 hours.  Yep.  That's it.  It's hard to get away from work and projects and kids and puppies and kitties and general shenanigans.

Caitlin and I started making plans for a full week visit as soon as we learned that Dave would be overseas on tour.  A full week with my sister and little Miss Elinor!  The plan was for me to be Caitlin's helper with Elinor and household projects and packing for their trip to Japan to meet up with Dave.

Here's what I did instead:

  • dancing, car karaoke, more dancing (we mastered the Kidz Bop instructional dance video)
  • napping with the baby 
  • eating doughnuts made by Caitlin
  • trying on all of my sister's clothes and some of her shoes
  • eating pancakes made by Caitlin
  • dressing babies up in costumes
  • cutting my bangs
  • wearing the baby because she's a warm snuggle monster
  • making more costumes for the babies because they can never have enough
  • eating soup, sandwiches, and more donuts all once again made by Caitlin (so good!)

Next time, Caitlin, next time.  I promise I'll try to be more helpful and less silly.  I will certainly not wake up the baby (as much).  

a baby owl up close and personal

mum & baby owl photoshoot

lunch with my girls

don't worry, I cried in Salem (RIP Sister Witches)

Yoda and an Ewok

me and Elinor waving to mum

Adventure Time Beemo costume for our niece Matilda

Adventure Time Finn costume for our nephew Seamus

mermaid costume for Miss Elinor


  1. I love every single one of these pictures!! So awesome that you could have a whole week together. I need to plan a visit soon. Love you all!

    1. come visit! and bring that cousin of yours