Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've been wanting chili so bad lately. We had gone grocery shopping and I still hadn't made anything I bought. Finally last night Elinor took a later than usual nap which lasted extra long so I started cooking. I made 4 bean chili which turned out super good. While the chili was cooking I was looking at my open tabs and remembered the chunky apple bread recipe I had wanted to make. I still have a ton of apples so I quickly started to make it. Elinor slept through all the cooking. I had to finally open her door and started putting her clean laundry away to get her up. She loved the chili and good thing because there is so much leftover. I decided not to give her any bread because there is a little too much sugar in it. I will probably break down when I'm eating a piece and she goes crazy because I'm not sharing. I should've cut both recipes in half. Too much for just 1 1/2 people. Anyone want a loaf of apple bread??


  1. I think I'm making both of these tonight now!

  2. Can you ship it? aahahah When I have leftover baked good (ie get the cookies out of my house before I eat them all) I go around to my neighbors and leave them on the doorstep.

    1. I would totally send you some! That is a good plan for next time. I froze one loaf this time since my sister will be in town this weekend

  3. This looks amazing! It is chili weather.

  4. I love these recipes. I'm going to make one of those. It really looks delicious. And healthy too. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

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