Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Train rides

Rarely does Elinor actually sleep on our train ride home anymore. On the way home the other day she passed out so I was actually able to look around and relax. Across from me is an obliviously pregnant mama rubbing her belly while she reads a magazine.
The mom looks at me and I smile. She smiles back while rubbing her belly. You can tell she can't wait to have her baby in her arms. I start to miss my big pregnant belly and feeling my little baby swimming around safely in there. Then she stands up and starts taking deep breaths, rubbing her side and back and rocking back and forth. I do not miss my pregnant belly anymore. I'm so happy holding my baby in the ergo while she sweats all over me.

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  1. I too sometimes get that feeling...then the three of them usually get into a fight involving sticks, nerf guns or hockey sticks and the feeling disappears rather quickly!