Thursday, November 29, 2012

Families that rock contest

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai. Think your family rocks? Show us by uploading a photo of your family rocking out. Enter now for a chance to win great prizes.

“having kids doesn’t mean it’s time to stop rocking, it’s just the start of a new band”

Hyundai and Rolling Stone couldn’t have said it better!  That’s exactly what happened to our family when we welcomed Elinor Meira on December 8thlast year.

Music has been important to me since I was little. My mom always sung special family songs to all of us that I now sing to Elinor. I remember my sister and I listening to records, making up dances and don't forgot doing Mousercise! My brother took me to my first concert when I was 12 and after that it was all over. Music was my life. I played guitar in silly bands in middle school and after I graduated, I played bass in a band that did a little touring. Dave was also always in bands growing up. Dave still has to travel a lot to not only play but also sell records/shirts at fests for the record label he runs. So of course when Elinor came we knew music would be a huge factor in her life. We decided not to change our lifestyle and still travel.

Elinor has been going to see live music since she was a month old. She has been to multiple concerts, shows and fests up and down the East Coast and even the West Coast twice. I'm not sure how long she will want to continue coming with us when she gets older but I love letting her experience it. She is now to the point when we put music on she gets so excited and dances. When she was tiny and Dave got out his guitar she would calm down right away and she still loves watching/helping him play. We have Yo Gabba Gabba and Terrible Twos dance parties at home, in the car, in line at the store, eating at a restaurants...and we love it.

rocking out with the Sterling kids 

This is why our family rocks. What about yours?
Does your family sing along as loud as you can in the car? Does your family have dance parties in the middle of a store when a good song comes on? Does your family rock??  If you think so and want to let everyone know then here is your chance!   Hyundai Sante Fe and Rolling Stone teamed up for this amazing contest.  You could win a photo shoot in Rolling Stone magazine shot by an industry photographer, plus airfare, hotel and transportation to the 55th Grammy Awards, and a fully tricked-out Hyundai Santa Fe custom rock ‘n’ roller. Just follow this link to enter a photo showing off how your family rocks along with 500 words or less about your family. The contest ends December 14th.  
Good luck!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. That little girl has had a very busy first year!


  2. ps I would like to personally thank Hyundai for their amazing safety standards. A Santa Fe kept Caitlin from harm during an accident caused by a winter storm. A telephone pole fell on the car and Caitlin was able to walk away from the scene without a scratch! Thank you Hyundai!

  3. The Santa Fe is my new car I bought last week! I love it! Good luck!!