Wednesday, November 28, 2012

day after thanksgiving

We had planned on heading home the morning after Thanksgiving but after talking to Tre and Amanda, we decided to meet up. Amanda found out about a craft fair. We met for coffee and then walked all around Provincetown. It was so quiet and beautiful. Last time we were there it was summer and very touristy. We didn't want to leave this time. Everything was perfect.
 Dave bought a cute Narwhal ornament from this place
 sleepy baby
 the lobster pot tree. They were building/decorating it. The official lighting was the next day. 
 the tree topper

We went to lunch and Elinor took some field notes with her chew toy
I saw this painting from 1930. I wanted it so bad but didn't want to spend so much for it. I think this baby look exactly like Ellie.  

We put the bag in the car and walked to the beach before we left. The camera was in the bag. Good thing for camera phones
 She was trying to stand back up and froze like this. When I bent down to see if she was ok she was giggling so much. 

We didn't want to go back to real life. After the beach we started the drive back home. Elinor hates car rides but we timed it perfect both times with naps. I think she had a lot of fun and we wore her out. We can't wait to go back!


  1. That city looks adorable! And you should have bought that painting of the baby. It does look just like her.

    1. I know! At least I made Dave take a picture of it.

  2. Go back and get that painting!

    Also, I walked out with Pa's black dog mug the other day. I have no intentions of returning it. So probably pick him up a new one while you are there.

    1. We stopped right in front of it and there was a black dog sitting on the stairs. Next time we go I will get a new mug

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Dave bought it half off last year. It's so weird that she is wearing it already. I thought it was huge when he got it