Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Santa!!

I had got an email from our mall that Santa was coming soon so I doubled checked to see if he was already there. While my mom is here I wanted her to be able to be with us for some of our traditions. We dressed Elinor in her new dress that Dave picked and bought her and headed to the mall...right during naptime. We got there and she was so tired and wanted to just eat and sleep but wasn't a mess yet. I thought oh it will be quick, there is no line and then I'll feed her. We walked up to Santa and she clutched on to me tighter. We stood and talked to Santa for a little bit (with a pushy elf that wasn't very friendly trying to speed us up) and then I handed her over. She looked at him then at me and cried so hard. We bought the crying picture because every kid has one right? When I got home I checked the code at the bottom of our picture. I was just expecting to see the picture we bought but was surprised to see I could download all the pictures that were taken.
We may try again. I've never seen her cry when being handed to someone else. I think if we actually had to wait in line, she could see other kids it would go better. She got over it as soon as I picked her up. We stood looking at ornaments for a little bit and she tried taking them all off..good to know for when we get our tree.

See Elinor's first picture with Santa here 

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  1. Awww, poor Ellie, but I LOVE the Santa pictures :)

    I miss you girlie! I'm back in Boston most weekends seeing a boy — we should meet up sometime! Maybe next Saturday?


  3. And I have a new contact picture for you haha! The outfit is adorable, good job Dave.