Sunday, November 11, 2012

11 months

 November 1st, Dave told Elinor "This is the last month you have never seen!". How is my little baby a month away from being one?!! Since we have been back from Japan she has started so many new things. Actually when we got home there was a day or two where she had totally stopped talking and was acting funny. The next day she started babbling in sentences. Badaga ba mahh blama!

 She loves music, especially beaty beat beat by yo gabba gabba. She mimics all the moves from it. Same with a lot of other songs like itsy bitsy spider and happy and you know it. She claps (usually on beat) and dances the second she hears music. Her head starts nodding and she starts rocking her middle back and forth.

Ellie also mimics little things we do. When eating dinner she likes to have a spoon because we do. Yesterday we bought new pillows and were laying on the ground trying them out. We had sat up and were talking when she walked up to the pillow and laid her head down. We all lost it and then she thought it was a game of laying her head down for laughs. She likes to play the where's Ellie's belly game grabbing her belly but now wants to see our bellies in return.

I have been signing to Elinor pretty much since she was born. She signs "more", "all done" and "milk". I think she is starting to try her own version of please. I'm working on signing potty with her every time she goes so she will put it together. She has been shaking her head yes for awhile but recently started shaking her head no. Of course that is hilarious to her. For speech, she says Mama, Dada and Bubba(her pacifier). She has said baaa and what sounds like woof. Randomly she has said kitty when looking at cats but isn't consistent with it. She has said aaahhh daaaa for all done but not every time.

 And big news, she started walking on Sunday. She has taken steps, no more than 4 before Dave left for tour. Well Sunday she just decided to go for it. She woke up and took 9 steps in a row right away. She would stand right back up and try again. Now It is a week later and we have a walker.

I love her more and more everyday. She has such a big personality and makes us smile.

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  1. The last month you've never seen, of course Dave said that haha. So many big changes in her this month! The picture of her with her finger in her mouth is my favorite. She even looks bigger. Beautiful Ellie :)

    1. Dave is silly. You have to see her soon!