Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zoo Howl

Last Sunday morning, before the hurricane, it was cold and rainy but we had tickets to Zoo Howl. There was trick or treating and a haunted maze waiting for us. I think the weather made a lot of people stay home, which was good for us. Radio Disney was there with a stage. Elinor loved the music and bounced along watching some kids dance.
 shy face
She was yelling
 and the lion woke up
 little ewok
 Elinor's first trick or treat!
and second

I HATE haunted houses and even though we were at the zoo and a Halloween event for children, I was nervous to go in the haunted maze. I was brave and we went through. I stayed far behind Dave just in case anything popped out. It was completely fine. Just decorations throughout and then at the end a person in a skeleton costume was just standing there waving. I did it and Elinor could care less! That will probably be the only haunted house/maze I will ever go in again. 

I'm glad we got in so many Halloween events after we got home from Japan. She got to wear each costume to each event we went to. We also had gone trick or treating at the mall with Henri. It was insane! I had gone the year before with Dorie but it wasn't that packed. This year you could barely move. But Radio Disney was there and Elinor and Henri had fun bouncing along and watching other kids dance. Next year we will have to try and not be tempted by all the cute costumes and have Auntie Courtney make one awesome one. The mermaid costume was the best by far!

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  1. Josh tried to get me to do the haunted house in Gatlinburg but I said no way. I would have rather had a friendly maze. All of Ellie's costumes were adorable. You guys had the best October