Sunday, December 9, 2012


 We go to the same lot of an ice cream store every year to get our tree. We went after work last week and let Elinor feel the trees and wonder around. She really liked the white pine tree which is always Dave's favorite. He has been wanting one every year but we never find a perfect one.

 Elinor found the perfect one! Dave was so excited. She kept walking passed it and petting it.

 We came home and decorated it right away. We fight with our tree topper every year. This year we didn't even bother with it. We are going to get a new one soon. I put softer ornaments near the bottom which Ellie has already torn off. She brings them back to the tree and hold it up like she is trying to put it back on.

With her being so interested in the tree, I made a felt tree on the back of the door. There are felt ornaments with velcro on the back so Elinor can decorate it herself. We used to make boards like this at the daycare all the time. I think I'm going to start keeping different boards up through out the year for her.

Her and Henri love it. Henri likes to pull them down, hid them and then put them back up. Elinor would only pull them all down for awhile. She now will start putting them up. While I was downloading these pictures, she came up behind me to see them. She walked away and when I looked up again she was at her tree moving ornaments around. What a smart baby!

Did you get a chance to read Elinor's 12 month update that Dave wrote yesterday? It was so sweet and I hope to get Dave to write more often on here. Read it here

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  1. Elinor knows how to pick out a great Christmas tree just like her daddy