Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tree lighting and santa

Our little town does a small tree lighting. The art center sets up crafts for kids to come in and make ornaments to hang on the tree. Last year at the tree lighting I was huge and pregnant and wanting to meet my baby so bad. This year my big baby colored and rubbed her hands all in glitter. She ran around the art center waving to other kids and admiring herself in mirrors. 

 silly daddy
 and a crazy baby
Before I even started taking her off my hip she started freaking out. It's so weird because she never acts like that with anyone. After I picked her back up she gave Santa a high five and got a candy cane. She held onto the candy cane for dear life until she started chewing on the wrapper and peeling it off. I had to pry it from her. 
 Staring at Santa from afar 
 Since the street was closed we let her walk on her own home and she was so excited! She ran and looked in every window. I think she is done with wanting to ever be in a stroller. Now if we can get down listening and staying close by. 

I just realized Elinor has officially lived at our house for a year today! It seemed like the longest 15 minutes ever to get home from the hospital. All I wanted to do is lay in my own bed and snuggle my baby!

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  1. Every child needs a picture of them crying on santas lap. She is the cutest

  2. She's so good at writing her name already!

  3. Vita still freaks out like that with Santa Claus.